Minimal 30 % less emissions of fine dust and sooty particle. Furthermore up to 8% reduction of fuel consumption during combustion!Read more…
Whether gasoline, diesel, heating oil, heavy fuel, plant oil or other fossil types of fuel – AdGreen enhance all types of fuel with its positive effects! Read more...
Whether private individuals, trading or industrial companies – AdGreen offers for each area of application the adapted size you really need!Read more...
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About AdGreen®

AdGreen® is a natural fuel additive for all fossil types of fuel.

Our very effective additive which bases on purely biological ingrediants can be used for all types of fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel, maritime diesel, heavy fuel, heating oil, plant oil or kerosin.

It is applicable to all types of Otto engines, diesel engines and heating units.

AdGreen® causes various biological- chemical reactions in fuels.

It is our goal to significantly minimize the pollution of our environment caused by fine dust and other harmful emissions by simple means!

And without chemicals!

Therefore: Use AdGreen®!

The application is very simple and requires no technical metering systems.

You can naturally reduce emissions (soot, CO , CO2, NOx, etc. ) of internal combustion engines by approximately 30% .

In addition, you can optimize the fuel consumption of your engines! In addition AdGreen® offers numerous additional benefits!

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